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    Properties Data Missing After Uploading on .ftp

    Vikas Jadhav

      Hi All,


      We are having problems retaining the properties information in the .pdf files we upload to our ftp area.

      Here's what's happening.

      I have added metadata into the Properties area (I have tried this two ways; in Acrobat itself under File/Properties/Description - AND when right clicking on the file on the desktop, and adding to the Properties provided in the dropdown box). After saving the .pdf files, I uploaded them onto our .ftp - the metadata disappears. And I know this happens at the uploading process - to test this I uploaded a file with Properties data included in the file. Then I downloaded the EXACT SAME file that was just uploaded. Sure enough, all the Properties data I typed into the file is missing.

      I don't know if this issue is with the .pdf files, our .ftp


      Is anyone else having similar issues?

      I have our IT guys working on the problem. Thot I'd help them out and see if anyone else out there had ideas.