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    URGENT - Flash CS5 - TLF not working on Combobox

    shulladrian Level 1

      There is NO SUPPORT for TLF and right-to-left writting settings in Flash CS5 for this components: Combobox / List / TextInput



      Steps to reproduce:
      1.Add combobox component to stage
      2.Open properties panel and add in the data provider some Arabic text eg.: العربية
      3.Publish and upload Flash page on some server
        Actual Results:
        The Arabic text is backwards
        Expected Results:
        To show correctly
      TLF and right-to-left writtin support is missing completly for this components: Combobox / TextInput / List.
      Please test on a computer where Flash CS5 is not installed, because it  shows correctly on that machine and incorrectly on a normal user  computer that doesn't have Flash CS5 IDE.

      * Persists in any browser.



      If anyone knows of a workaround please let me know ASAP !


      Many thanks,