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    Robert S Level 1
      I was going to attempt to run some examples on your CartesianDataCanvas class (mx.charts.chartClasses.CartesianDataCanvas), but the class does not exist in my Moxie version...

      Have I missed something or has it been removed?

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          bolaughlin Level 1
          The Chart classes are available in the FlexBuilder download.


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            Robert S Level 1

            I am running Flex Builder 3 (BETA) and have looked in the plug-in SDK, nightly build SDK, and the standalone program SDK and can't find it.

            I get the following error when I attempt to use it:

            Could not resolve <mx:CartesianDataCanvas> to a component implementation.

            I can look in the package and it does not exist.

            Using: Flex Builder 3 (Beta) (Eclipse Plug-In)
            Windows XP Pro
            Compiler Running in "Flex Moxie M2" mode.

            (on two separately installed computers - both with the same issue)

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              bolaughlin Level 1
              Okay, I see the same thing. Looking into this.

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                CartesianDataCanvas is part of DataGraphics feature which got into only in Moxie M3. So all you need to do is take latest flexbuilder drop and point to 3.0.0 sdk from it in flex compiler setting. This feature will not be available if Compiler Running in "Flex Moxie M2" mode.
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                  Robert S Level 1
                  I don't understand... all the documentation shows it in the M2 release and I understand there are a number of samples. According to Adobe Labs the M3 release isn't due until October (see below):
                  ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------
                  Flex 3 and related projects (Flex Builder) are currently under development. Preview releases are available on Adobe Labs.

                  Flex 3 milestone schedule:

                  Date Target
                  April 9, 2007 M1 Release (Alpha)
                  June 11, 2007 M2 Release (Beta 1)
                  October M3 Release (Beta 2) - Feature Complete
                  Late 2007 M4 - Release Candidate
                  Early 2008 Final Release

                  Thank you,
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                    Ajit_Gosavi Level 1
                    can you grab an weekly drop of FB to get M3 features? I am not sure what documentation mentions. Can you point me the link and I will log a documentation bug if needed?