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    [IDCS4] Space bar shortcut for hand doesn't work

    Maciej Przepióra Level 2

      I am experiencing following problem:


      I have written a startup script that shows a floating panel (it is a window that uses 'palette' as a type description). I also added menu item and listeners to show/hide it (in menu window). Inside the panel there is a flex application that communicates with InDesign via ExternalInterface (no PatchPanel). Whenever I start InDesign with this script as startup script  suddenly spacebar stops working as a shrotcut that temporarily changes  used tool to Hand Tool. Even closing InDesign and removing startup script and restarting InDesgin doesn't help, I need to logout and login again to make spacebar work. I am experiencing this issue on MacOSX 10.4 on Intel Mac, InDesign 6.0.5 and script is written in ExtendScript.


      I also found that running the startup script from scripts panel seems to  solve the problem, but this is rather undesired, since the panel should  be available from InDesign startup...


      Has anybody of you experienced the same behaviour? Maybe there is some sort of programatic fix? It drives me mad, because I am used to spacebar as a temporary hand. Of course if there is no other fix, I'll need to find some sort of hack that performs initialization after startup, but this is rather undesired


      Thanks in advance for your help and expertise