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    Array of Custom Actionscript Classes as a Component Property?


      I have a problem where I can invision the MXML that I want to achieve, but I don't know how to structure the ActionScript classes to accomplish it.


      I want to make a Class that will handle thresholding of states for my custom gauge -- and I would like the MXML to look like the following.


        <mySpace:thresholds> <!-- Notice Lowercase 't' -->
          <mySpace:StatusThreshold comparison="GREATER_THAN" statusValue="75" status="critical"/>
          <mySpace:StatusThreshold comparison="GREATER_THAN" statusValue="35" status="warning"/>
          <mySpace:StatusThreshold comparison="LESS_THAN_EQ" statusValue="35" status="normal"/>


      If possible I would like to make the comparison attribute auto prompt from a list of possible values out of an ENUM in the eclipse editor as well.  I figured this may be possible because it's kinda how the DataGrid columns are defined, as well as several other Spark components.




      Joseph FIrebaugh