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    Does this work for anybody?

    dmeN Level 5

      Man this is a slow forum... seems not too many using FlashBuilder? If anyone has Builder 4 and the Facebook library with AIR connect v3.4 for Flex installed - could you please check out this simple script. This will just open a NativeWindow containing a Facebook login. On my machine the login and cancel buttons at the bottom are cutoff... and I don't know how to fix this. Have asked everyone I can think of thus far and have not received one reply. If anyone can help I'd really appreciate it. Here's the script:






      import mx.controls.Alert;


      import com.facebook.utils.DesktopSessionHelper;


      import com.facebook.events.FacebookEvent;



      private var session:DesktopSessionHelper;


      private function init():void


      session =


      new DesktopSessionHelper();

      session.apiKey =






      private function onConnect(e:FacebookEvent):void