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    Creating a Digital Sign



      I'm new to Premiere and bought it try and build digital signs. I have a sports center that want's me to put one together (about 15/ 20mins on a loop) and I'm wondering what the best settings might be for this kind of project? The content would mainly be images, animations and text as well as a couple of short mpeg video clips here and there. I'd like to incorporate some After Effects effects as well (if I can get my brain engaged - it's a step learning curvre!) I'll output to disc through Encore.


      Sory to ask such a basic question but any help from out there would be appreciated by this newbie.



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          Welcome to the forum.


          Can you tell us about the requirements for that digital sign? Things like how the AV file will be played, the Frame Size, etc., will be very useful for helping define what is best. My guess is that the mfgr. has a site with the full specs. there. Can you link to that, especially the specs. page?


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            Hi Hunt

            Thank you.


            This project is a bit low tech to keep costs down at this stage. The content would be more of a slideshow with animation and a couple of Mpeg clips (16:9). The finished digital sign would be played on either a consumer DVD player or laptop to the centre's existing 42" LCD TV (screen format is the usual 16:9). It's a low cost effort because the plan is to get an idea of how well it is received by vistors over a few months and then maybe invest in a professional display player and monitor.


            I'm always a bit hazy on the technical bits behind the scenes so any tips for this newbie on any Pr settings when setting up the project to make sure the playback is as sharp as possible would be very welcome.





            I'm in PAL land here.


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              Is the TV going to be HD ?


              If it is then you want to go HD but then you need an HD player.




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                John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                >digital sign would be played on either a consumer DVD player or laptop to the centre's existing 42" LCD TV


                DVD means SD video... laptop could be HD


                For a DVD, you just create a "movie" as you normally would... editing in Premiere and authoring in Encore... and the project in Encore would have an end action to go back to the beginning (I think that is how it is done... I've never authored in Encore to create an infinite loop)


                Put the DVD in the player... start it running (or have no menu so it starts by itself) and let it run

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                  Thanks for that. There have been several recent posts where an actual "digital sign" was being used. Now we know how this will be accomplished.


                  Others have asked a few specific questions, and armed with the answers to those, someone should be able to give you all the tips necessary.


                  Good luck,