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    New to Flex


      I am amazed by Adobe Flex's capablility after attending a seminar. I would like to get involve in the Flex development. Firstly, I would like to know more about Flex. What are the tool that i need in order to develop and run a Flex application? I have Eclipse installed, What else do i need over at the development side? Do i need any special engine over at the backend side to run Flex application? Thanks

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          JKohn99 Level 1
          If your a command line type developer you're all set, since the Flex Framework and compilers are free. If you prefer visual development then you need to buy Flex Builder (an eclipse plugin). It's 595.00.

          No server stuff required unless you want to use Flex Data Services for access to J2EE type resources.
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            FlexIsGood4U Level 1
            Hi Nuxis,

            You will certainly need the Flash 9 plugin for your web browser.
            It is shipped with the evaluation version of Flex Builder 2 (30 days free).

            Good Luck.
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              James Bower Level 1
              Hi Nuxis,
              I'd reccommend that you check out the Flex tutorials at Lynda.com. There are a handful of free tutorials for non-members that you can watch here: http://movielibrary.lynda.com/html/modPage.asp?ID=248 that might fill in a few things that may or may not have been covered in the seminar you atended.
              David Gassner is an excellent Flex instructor and the Lynda.com membership is well worth money if you decide to drop the dough.