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    CS5 crashing


      I recently downloaded the CS5 and have been working on a project since yesterday. It worked fine yesterday, I had a lot of material done. Then today, I uploaded a picture, and afterwards it just crashed. Then I opened it and it was fine, except it didn't save my latest change: the picture.


      So i re-uploaded it. Same thing. Long story short, now it crashes every time I try to open it. I can open the auto-saved versions of the project, but not this last one. Where it crashes is as soon as I choose the latest file and click "open", so until there it works fine. Like i said, i can even open auto-saved versions of it.


      I haven't downloaded any fonts, I thought it might have been the problem. So i deleted the cached folder, tried to play around and see what I can do with the fonts folder. Etc. Nothing works. I really need that last version. Any suggestions?


      I even delete the photo I had used on the project that made it crash (I assume, since its the last thing I imported on there before the crash). Nothing works.




      P.S. Be gentle, I am extremely new to Mac. I don't even know what version I have, except that it's an old one (the kind without the iMovie on it).