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    Clickable custom tooltip?

    Handycam Level 1

      I know how to make a custom tooltip, such as a Panel component.  For example:


      newImage.addEventListener(ToolTipEvent.TOOL_TIP_CREATE, makeTip);


      and then, the handler:

      private function makeTip(event:ToolTipEvent):void {
                     var tp:TipPanel = new TipPanel;
                     tp.title = event.currentTarget.id;
                     tp.caption = event.currentTarget.name;
                     event.toolTip = tp;


      This works.  However, I want a button in this tooltip which, when clicked, would show a dialog with more info.  Of course, my problem is that you can't click a tooltip -- it stays out of your reach and goes away.


      How can I show a tooltip that is clickable, or contains clickable elements?