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    CS4, Audio Export problem due to CFA files




      I'm having a -really- annoying problem and would appreciate any help.


      I have been unable to export a project through Premiere with Media Encoder (just keeps freezing, then restarting the export etc) so I've used Dynamic Link to import the Sequence into AE and export that way. I have done this numerous times for otherprojects without problem, and can even export other Sequences from the same Project with no issue.

      However, when I try to import any Sequence that includes my intended project (a 54 minute film) I get the same error every time "Audio conforming failed for the following file: CTC3 NEW COMPLETE MOVIE 48000.cfa. Perhaps due to disk space."


      I have plenty of free space and I can't locate this CFA file anywhere. This error prevents me from exporting any audio and the warning re-appears for every second that gets Rendered if I try to export. I exported a short clip and had to click away the error each time and the resulting video had no sound but did feature video.


      I can't figure out why each Sequence that doesn't feature the clips I actually need can work fine, but any Sequence that -does- feature them will not import properly.


      I'm supposed to have this film ready for a premiere tomorrow and have been trying since Tuesday night to find a way around this problem.