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    Helvetica Neue PostScript fonts not appearing in font list


      Just curious if anyone else out there on a Mac (I'm on 10.5.8) is having trouble with Helvetica Neue (or any other System fonts) being accessable from the Fireworks CS5 font list?


      I expect that I should see a whole slew of Helvetica Neue typefaces (PostScript) in my list (from 25 Ultra Light on up to 107 Extra Black Condensed Oblique) but instead all I get are the TrueType options that you see in the image below:



      Also, Helvetica Neue appears in my font list twice... but both options give the identical TrueType font choices.


      The crazy thing is that I can copy/paste a string of editable text from Photoshop and it will display the correct typeface AND maintain its editability within Fireworks CS5 but, the second drop-down menu appears blank. It's almost as if the system knows I have the PostScript font installed and available, but Fireworks doesn't know how to let me choose it.