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    Using childSandboxBridge



      I'm trying to build an app that loads swf files from a server and use the sandboxbridge method to communicate between the AIR app and flash swf. I have a serious of references to the swfs in a XML file and it works fine for the first swf but when I click the next button in the AIR app the second swf is loading as I have traces in to check the file has loaded but when the call the object in the swf file nothing is happening.


      In the AIR app within a function I have this code:

      var childInterface=mc.childSandboxBridge;






      In the swf file on the server I have this code:

      var interfacePg = {qInfo:"",modName:"",SiteURL:""};

      interfacePg.loadQuestion = function():void{

           //parsing code in here




      Has anyone ever come across this problem before?