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    cfbind within a cfselect - How to have multiple values in display propery?


      I am binding a cfselect tag to a CFC, it's working as expected but I want to have more than one value populating the display="" part of the 2nd cfselect.The CFC returns a query of company information based off of the activty_id sent in.


      This is what I currently have (roughly):


      <cfajaxproxy cfc="mysite.templates.cfc.companies">


      (this is working fine)

      <cfselect name="activity_id" bind="cfc:mysite.templates.cfc.companies.fncActivity()" display="activity_name" value="activity_id" bindonload="yes" />


      Here's where I want to display more than one value. This works as shown below but I want display="company_name company_city company_state" in the cfselect instead.


      <cfselect name="company_id" bind="cfc:mysite.templates.cfc.companies.fncCompany({activity_id})" display="company_name" value="company_id" />


      In debugging the CFC I am getting this returned:


      Bind failed for select box company_id, columns matching the value or  display attributes specified on the cfselect tag are not present in the  query


      Is this possible?