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    Problems with encoding large .mpg




      Attached is one frame of footage from a two hour mpg I received. The file was output using the newest model TriCaster @ 1920x1080i, 29.97. Filesize of the source footage is 116 GB. To make the edit managable, I tried to create a small low rez proxy. However, any settings I used to encode the file resulted in jitter and ghosting. Adjustments to the bitrate and image size had no effect on the problem I'm seeing.


      I used Interpret Footage in AE to look at the footage and turn separate fields off. This image is what I'm seeing on the screen. Is the problem a timing issue with the TriCaster?


      It doesn't matter if I encode with upper or lower fields or progressive (that just changes the jitter). On playback it appears as though the video moves ahead one frame, then snaps back one frame. On progressive, you can see chroma ghosting.


      What's strange is the file plays back cleanly in Windows Media player. It appears to play ok in MPEG Streamclip (after taking over 1 1/2 hours to load) but crashes Streamclip when I try to encode to a smaller size.


      In total there is nearly 10 hours of this footage of which I'm supposed to create an 8-10 recap video. AFAIK, this is the only source footage that exists, I don't think they had tape rolling as a backup.


      TIA for any help and guidance.