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    CF9 & CFSpreadsheet

    Fordian-Slip Level 1

      Hi Folks -


      I have a relatively simple question:


      What is wrong with this:

      <cfset schedRpt = spreadsheetNew()>
      <cfset SpreadsheetAddRows(schedRpt, "test",1,1,1)>

      <cfset SpreadsheetAddRows(schedRpt, "test,test1")>


      I have used all the parameters and all combinations of the parameters to add in my row, and nothing works.



      When I add info using a query, it works fine -

      <cfset schedRpt = spreadsheetNew()>

      <cfset SpreadsheetAddRows(schedRpt, data)>


      Easy to use, and it's nice, but I may want to add in different pieces or perhaps manipulate the information first

      or perhaps calculate something, and then add the information into the spreadsheet.


      But when I add in text directly, I get a blank sheet.


      Does anybody have any ideas?