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    Audio files name

    JBourgoin Level 1


      Is it possible to have other kind of naming for the audio files create with the record option of Adobe Presenter.


      I record narration on a presentation and I lost de .ppcx file.  So, I have to reimport all my audio.  the name of the audio files are 144076652.mp3, 911255966.mp3, etc...


      I have 34 slides...

      I just want Presenter to name the file a better way... Like:

      (name of presentation)_Slide01.mp3 (for the audio of slide 1)

      (name of presentation)_Slide02.mp3 (for the audio of slide 2)

      (name of presentation)_Slide03.mp3 (for the audio of slide 3)

      and so on...


      Is it possible to change the way Presenter name the audio files it record ?

      I would be very very much easier to reimport the file at the right place.