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    AE crashes when render a ray traced 3D graphic

    BearHNC Level 1


      I have been attempting to get the 3D animation to render for almost a week now and I am at witz-end. I have a 3D graphic that I have created in PS, I have imported it as 3D live layer into AE, I have added a simple rotation animation, it spins along the Z-axis 1 full rotation. I have rendered the graphic out as a Ray-Trace Final quality and that I know is what is giving problems, sort-of. The animation rendered just fine when it was still an interactive quality. Only when I take it to Ray-trace do I have this issue, AE crashes at the exact same point on the timeline everytime, frame #66. I have tried rendering a number of different ways with and without the OpenGL the same thing happens each time. I am working on an iMAC with 2. gB of RAM which I think may be my problem, but it does render to a point, it does play just fine when I do a RAM preview (but that is not at full Ray trace resolution). Is there something I need to do in my render settings to prevent this? I have made changes in my preferences to maximize my render capabilities as recommended, should I go back to the default? Any help would be apperciated.

      Thanks in advance.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Nope, nope and nope. Sorry to say so, but you are wasting your time. Learn a proper 3D program like Blender. Photoshop 3D never was, never is and never will be anywhere near even the most rudimentary 3D program. It's worse than POVRay was in 1994 - full of bugs, awful performance and any number of quality issues. If you still must try this, I suggest you adjust the rotation to be one or two frames longer or shorter. I would suspect that you are experiencing issues with matrix transforms and ever so slightly changing per frame angular increments may avoid it. On the other hand, it may make things worse. Whichever comes first. Everything else is not realyl relevant - the whole thing is just one ugly black hole of a bad effect plug-in that has a mind of its own (or one might say it has inherited the bad manners of Photoshop).



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            Todd_Kopriva Level 8

            I would say things a little less harshly than Mylenium... but he also has a point.


            There are known issues with stability with more complex renders involving Live Photoshop 3D, especially in low-memory situations. 2GB does meet the minimum system requirements for After Effects, but this feature is one of the features that can really benefit from having more RAM.


            If I were in your position and needed to get this done, I'd render and export my composition in pieces, and I'd do it to a still image sequence. I'd use a still image sequence so that I'd have usable frames up to the point of a crash. After a crash, I'd try to render a smaller part of the composition starting with the problematic frame, after purging memory. (This would give the greatest chance of rendering out that one frame if the problem is that it's taking more memory than the others.)

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              BearHNC Level 1

              Thanks for the advice, I don't really have an option to not use PS because it is all I have and really know, what I wound up doing was baby-sitting normally when I render I create my animation and then when I leave for the day I set off my render queue, but in this case whenever I would leave that is when AE would crash so i have been babysitting and I got the video to render to the 6 sec point and save, so I am now just breaking the clip into smaller chunks and will go from there. Thanks