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    Image field in repeating Subform

    peartreeco Level 1

      I created a flyer and wanted the ability to enter pictures on the fly.  Well, I used an image field to do this however users need to be able to insert up to 4 images.


      I know the way to do this is a repeating subform so I put the image field in one and set the options to "Repeating..etc. ; 4 max ; 1 count".  I added a subform control that is built in with livecycle to add/delete fields.  Well, after testing..it does not work..Nothing happens when I click + or -. Additionally I need to be able to have the repeating image field appear to the right or left of the one already there and then have both centered horizontally on the page..


      The form is a "missing Persons" type form so I need it to be as fool proof as possible to the users.  I don't know how to upload the form but is anyone out there that knows more than I willing to help?? I can't figure out what I am doing wrong.  The form is otherwise complete except for this little issue..