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    Calendar Component

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      I am trying to build a Flex GUI BusinessCalendar app to work with the DB BusinessCalendar table,

      it should:

      1) Have Editable (for admin) and non-Editable (for users) mode;

      2) Display the Current month with holidays (say, Sat - Sun in Red),

      3) Admin should be able to set/reset some days as BusinessDay or non-Business Day (one of the columns in DB).


      It should be showing it one Month at a time (having multiple Months view, for example in non-editable view is nice to have,

      not a must, maybe in next release).


      Is there existing Calendar component with similar GUI / capabilities?


      I have seen Flextra's Calendar, but it seems like a bit of mismatch - how do I make certain days in different colors?

      probably need to study their API to determine that.

      And not sure my boss will approve paying for it, they are stingy these days  :-(


      If it fairly easy to build one myself using DateChooser ?

      Not sure how to make some dates coloured differently. Attach to DataProvider ?

      Is it flexible enough ?

      Never worked with it.


      Please advise.




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          JeffryHouser Level 4

          I'm the de facto expert on the Flextras Calendar because I built it. :-) Thanks for checking it out.I'd love to her more about why there is a mismatch.


          Each day is implemented with a dayRenderer.  You can, pretty much, do anything you want in the dayRenderer including changig styles and colors.  We have some documentation on creating dayRendererse Manual.   You can create your own dayRenderer from scratch, or extend one of our defaults to make different days show up with different colors.


          Our Calendar does not contain any information to automatically change the look and feel of certain holidays.


          Your dayRenderer should implement the IDayRenderer interface.; which will give you access to a dayData Object which includes element such as the dateObject representing this day and the dataPovider elements that should be displayed on the day in question.  It also has access to the calendarData object for accessing all the Calendar specific properties.


          We are working on a specific sample that shows days styling; if you wanted I could share the code in progress.  Just contact us directly.if there is anything we can do you!