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    SubType in component.xml

    teknix1 Level 1

      Hi all,


      Is there a way to specify the sub type of an input or output type in the component.xml of a DSC?

      Here's the input portion of one of my operations:

      <input-parameter name="lst" type="java.util.List" required="true" title="lst">


      As you can see the type is java.util.List, which is a generic type. In workbench, this type is shown as a List. When clicking the + sign to create a variable, only the type is pre-populated with List. It would be so much simpler if both - type and sub type -  could be specified in the xml.


      I've noticed that Adobe services which make use of the List also do not specify these, is there a reason? It's quite complicated for the customer to find the right type.