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    2 Events fired simultaneously


      I have 2 buttons.  There is a MOUSE_OUT event for button 1 and a MOUSE_OVER event button 2.  The buttons are right next to each other.  Each event leads to a different frame.  When the mouse moves from button 1 to button 2, both events get fired, first MOUSE_OUT and then MOUSE_OVER - but the MOUSE_OVER event cuts off the MOUSE_OUT event and doesn't give it a chance to fully execute.


      To be more clear, for each event, a function is called which has "gotoAndPlay(x)"  (x is some different frame number for each)  The gotoAndPlay() will go to lets say frame 437 and play exactly 2 frames.  But when MOUSE_OVER is fired and it calls my function, it calls the gotoAndPlay() BUT it doesn't get to play the 2 frames.  It gets cut off because the MOUSE_OUT gets fired which calls a function which then calls gotoAndPlay() and plays a different 2 frames.  How can I allow the first 2 frames to fully play and then the last 2 frames?