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    ASDoc with AIR classes

    pdvel Level 1



      I'm trying to generate the ASDoc for my AIR project in FlashBuilder 4, but having no luck.

      It seems to be unable to find the symbols of the AIR classes I used. I've been messing with this for a while now, and at the moment it only seems to be unable to find SQLStatement and SQLMode. Any ideas how to solve this?


      Thanks in advance,

      Peter Vel

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          geeks&sweets Level 1

          try adding this code to your asdoc config.xml :




          it goes in the <external-library-path> bloc.


          I also suggest that you call your asdoc build with the "+=" to include you config file so that asdoc will still use the flex\frameworks\flex-config.xml configuration file.


          %FLEX_PATH%\bin\asdoc.exe -load-config+=DocConfig.xml


          I ran into a problem that I am trying to resolve right now... in my .as classes, I use mxml files on which i have to do an import. asdoc gives me a dumb "could not be found" on these files... it doesn't seem to recognize the mxml files.