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    ASDoc with AIR classes




      I'm trying to generate the ASDoc for my AIR project in FlashBuilder 4, but having no luck.

      It seems to be unable to find the symbols of the AIR classes I used. I've been messing with this for a while now, and at the moment it only seems to be unable to find SQLStatement and SQLMode. Any ideas how to solve this?


      Thanks in advance,

      Peter Vel

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          geeks&sweets Level 1

          try adding this code to your asdoc config.xml :




          it goes in the <external-library-path> bloc.


          I also suggest that you call your asdoc build with the "+=" to include you config file so that asdoc will still use the flex\frameworks\flex-config.xml configuration file.


          %FLEX_PATH%\bin\asdoc.exe -load-config+=DocConfig.xml


          I ran into a problem that I am trying to resolve right now... in my .as classes, I use mxml files on which i have to do an import. asdoc gives me a dumb "could not be found" on these files... it doesn't seem to recognize the mxml files.