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    TOC Books Stay Open

    ginalouisenelson Level 1
      When I open a lower-level book within the TOC then access another book somewhere else in the TOC or close the main book, books remain open. Is there a way to have books automatically close when you access a different book or topic in the TOC? I have the sync on, and it is working properly., so that isn't part of the problem. I just don't want to have a trail of open books when I move on to something else ... without having to manually close them.

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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          You have posted this three times. Please don't. It makes it more difficult for the people answering and for the next person who has this problem.

          Sorry but that is the way it is with webhelp. Some see it as an advantage as you can open a number of topics and hop around between them.

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            MergeThis Level 4
            You can link to your start page through a redirect page, either linked by a page in the TOC, or a text or image link in the toolbar or in each topic. Linking to the start page, in effect, reloads the output anew.

            Create a topic called, say, restart_gopage.htm. Strip all content (default Heading 1 and Intro text), and in TrueCode add the following line to the series of metatags in the HEAD section (the location doesn't matter, first, second, whatever). Remember, you're linking to your starting output file, not a source file. Just insert your own project values to replace the "relative_path_name" and "start_page_name.htm" in the example.

            Good luck,

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              ginalouisenelson Level 1
              I apologize for the multiple posts. Although I've been using RH for many years, I've never posted here before because I can usually figure things out on my own by researching and working it out.

              When I posted multiple times, it was an accident; I barely clicked the Post Message button, then I noticed it posted twice. I tried to see if I could delete it somehow, and I didn't even know it posted a third time. Sorry for the inconvenience.

              Thanks for your feedback.