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    DateField As ItemRenderer


      Im having a problem when i try ot use a datefield as a itemRenderer in a dataGrid. When i click in the datagrid it lets me select and date and works as expect but when i click outside the dataGrid and then click back inside dataGrid it gives me a error saying "cannot convert 11/02/09 to Date." any ideas how i could fix this?


      heres some code:


                           <mx:DataGrid width="173" height="51" textAlign="center" borderColor="#000000" dataProvider="{iddArray}" sortableColumns="false" editable="true"  verticalScrollPolicy="off" rowHeight="24" x="0" y="10" color="#000000">
                                   <mx:DataGridColumn headerText="ID" dataField="idd" editorUsesEnterKey="true">
                                               <mx:DateField editable="true">
                                                       <mx:Date id="iddBox">