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    Force movie to loop while dense code executes

    adam@blueapplestudio Level 1
      Below is a simplified version of my problem.

      Imagine a span of 42 frame. On frame 1, I have a button that plays the timeline and a stop command. If the user clicks Play, the timeline advances. On frame 2 there is an embedded Quicktime movie that spans 40 frames, and some code that does some calculations. On frame 42, there is a stop command.

      When I initially built this, the code that executed on frame 2 was pretty lean and the play-head rolled through frames 2-42 without pause. However, the code on frame 2 has since been bulked up, and now causes the play-head to hang for about 9 seconds before playing through the timeline.

      The code is obviously eating up system resources, but is there any way to let/force the embedded movie to play while the calculations are taking place? I am ok with the total duration being 9 seconds, but I’d like the Quicktime to continue playing while the evaluations occur.

      Thanks for any help