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    "Validate Failed" error message.

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      Hello all....again.


      I am creating a form that has 4 columns (Meals, Lodging, Misc & Total Amt) and each column has 15 rows.


      I used javascript to calculate the total amount of the rows across into the "Total Amount" column as below:

           $.rawValue = Meals1.rawValue + Lodg1.rawValue + Misc1.rawValue)


      Then I have the very bottom RIGHT field add the "Total Amount" fields together to get the COMPLETE AMOUNT.


      What  is happening is that MEALS, LODGING & MISC fields display correctly  (using a currency pattern) and the TOTAL AMOUNT fields calculate  correctly....except when the TOTAL AMOUNT goes over 99,999.99. It is  then that I get the "fieldname Validate Failed" error.


      I  have all the fields set up as a "Numeric Field" with the "Display,  Edit, Validation & Data PATTERNS" set as "num.currency{}"


      I can't for the life of me figure out why I cannot add anything over 99,999.00 dollars.


      If anyone can help with this, it would be much appreciated.