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    Faded print in adobe reader


      I attend a Graduate school, and print the professor's notes off in adobe reader. Everything prints fine which isn't the issue. The issue is the black and white. I print from an HP laserjet P1005, and just chatted with an HP rep/technician for an hour trying every setting imaginable with the printer. If I print the same picture in Word it prints the black as dark as it should be. If I print it in adobe reader, however, it does not. I'm out of ideas as to what to try next. Specifically I need help in adobe, I've checked the printer and everything is in order with it, so this is an adobe related issue, since it works fine with Word. I'm on an Overclocked I7 860 to 3.8 ghz, 8 gigs ram, 750 ps, sli 9800 gtx+ cards, and a 7200 rpm drive with W7 64 bit. HELP!