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    Function or program error?  Could it even be my Mac???


      Hey everyone, I'm new to this community but, I haven't come across any trouble like this one before.  I've been working in Adobe AE for a few years now and I've never had any texting trouble before.  I'm not sure if it's the Comp Setting that I've chosen but, when I try to create a text layer, the text itself will not show up.  I've messed around with the character settings like crazy and the only thing that will show up is the text box.  Now, I'm in the middle of a job and I am at the cusp of finishing and this crucial... of course!  Please give me some tips... time is of the essence (>_<)


      Oh, and I'm using AE4...Picture 1.png


      I typed "help me" in hopes that someone could, heheh!