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      You've GOT to be kidding!! I've had Comcast for years and I"ve always been able to watch videos on their site. About two months ago I got the "you might need the new Adobe Flash" notice. I've been trying to "get" the newest version ever since. I spent over 4 hours today talking to Comcast, Trendmicro (my security program) and to Adobe. Adobe wants $39 to "help" me "get"  Comcast to allow me to once again watch videos!! I've tried all their sites to find ways to get the newest version, 10.1, but cannot get it to work. I have a 2005 model Compaq Presario with Windows XP (w/service 2 pack). I've turned  the Trendmicro program off. I've turned the firewall off. Still no go. The Trendmicro tech said that it's a Comcast problem. The Adobe tech said that it's a Trendmicro problem. The Comcast tech said that it's a Adobe problem. I don't care who's problem it is, just fix it without charging me for it!