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    Multi-layer audio tracks in Pr Pro CS 5 timeline not making it to Encore on export

    eddiem100 Level 1

      On two occasions now I have exported a DV NTSC sequence that contained a multi-layer audio track  from Pr Pro CS5 to Adobe Encore CS 5 and the

      audio tracks would not play or be encoded to final dvd.   I had 5 layers of stereo and mono, all wav files.


      Playback on timeline was perfectly okay throughout the edit.  Problem only occurred on export to Encore and trying

      to playback in Encore or in DVD file.  Originally was using Merc Playback Engine and then switched to software only and rendered

      timeline newly but had no change in results.


      Only solution was to output the audio first  to Adobe Media Encoder as "Audio Only" creating AAC file and then reloading that audio

      file into timeline and switching all other audio layers off.  At that point I could export through the entire workflow with audio



      Why am I having to combine the mult-audio layers?  Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Per Harm's question, how are you getting the Timeline into Encore? Are you Exporting files from PrPro, and then Importing them into Encore, or are you using ADL (Adobe Dynamic Link) to link your Timeline to an Encore Project?


          If Exporting from PrPro and Importing into En, please give us the full details of the Export settings.


          If Exporting, are you doing a muxed (Multiplexed - combining both Audio & Video into one AV file), or are you Exporting elemental/elementary streams, I.e. one Audio-only PCM/WAV (or fully DVD/BD-compliant DD AC3) file and one Video-only file?


          If muxed, then there are some considerations: muxed MPEG Audio can give En issues; one needs to be sure to check both Export Audio and Export Video, and then, one needs to make sure that Multiplexing is set to DVD, and NOT to None.


          Personally, I do not Export as a muxed AV file, and will only Export as elemental/elementary streams. I then Import the Video-only file as a Timeline, into En, and the Audio-only file as an Assent. In En, one just drags the Audio-only file from the Project Panel to the appropriate Timeline, where it will snap into place.


          Good luck, and please let us know a bit more about your workflow. I have not heard of any Audio Bug, but that does not mean that one does not exist.



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            eddiem100 Level 1

            Thanks guys.   And I think I found what caused it.


            First of all, let me clarify the workflow.  The workflow was working in a DV NTSC 720X480 timeline that had AVI, mpg and vob files with coorresponding stereo audio tracks plus additional .wav narration tracks (mono) and a couple .wav music tracks (stereo).  Total audio tracks 7.  I would have about 7 video tracks as well.  And (this is important)  I was originally editing with MPE engaged.


            I would then disengage MPE and export direct using AME using the mpg2 DVD preset, both audio and video checked using default settings with the exception of VBR 2 pass which I would add.   The export was m2v file and .wav file.


            I would then open Encore, and import the files as assets and create a new timeline with the m2v and wav files.  And I would not get the audio playing in encore even though I had a wav file and when I made the DVD there was no audio playing either.


            This has happened to me a couple times, both when in an urgent rush, and the one way I was able to workaround this was to output an audio-only file, then reimport the audio file and use that as my single audio track.


            I have run into this problem in exporting to encore a couple times, and I also had the problem going to tape to a DSR 25 deck.


            BUT, as we all know, there is a known issue when you try to export to tape when you are in MPE hardware setting.  In both cases, that was how I was editing i.e. with MPE engaged.  Now when I went back later and retraced my steps, but this time closing the Pr Pro project and then restarting it after changing the MPE setting but before export,  i was able to successfully export the files successfully and then load them into Encore and have them play and export to DVD successfully.


            So, my guess is that when one is editing with MPE engaged, and then change the setting to disengage it prior to export (in this case a DV export), that it also requires a restart of the pr pro project before trying to export.  And In this case, my export to tape was also succesful.


            So that seems to be the problem and the solution.  Sound right?

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Interesting observations. I would never have even thought about MPE as being the culprit. Will be interesting to hear from our Adobe employees, who know the inner workings of the program. At least, this give me something else to suggest, should one loose Audio on Export.


              Now, if you still have that WAV (the earlier Export that failed to bring Audio into En), can you open it in Audition, or Soundbooth. Is it straight line and silent? Just curious.


              Good luck, and thanks for reporting,



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                eddiem100 Level 1

                Sorry for my delay, been tied up in heavy post production.  Amazingly, the wave file was not a flatliner!  I have not had a problem ever since I make sure I restart Premiere after making any changes to MPE setting.  That was the ticket and I haven't had a problem since.