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    SSD boot disk dilemma! now where to install the c-suite?!




      Just did some end of the line upgrades to an old AM2 PC. Most notably updated the RAM and got an SSD drive as my boot disk.


      My question then, is should I install the entire 10gb or so creative suite on my boot disk, or one of my other terabyte regular drives?


      I am concerned mainly about choking the throughput of my C: if I use it as an applications drive and I have traditionally nly ever used C: for my OS in order to minimise data loss in the case of OS death.


      my setup is:


      AMD X2 6000

      6gb 800mhz DDR2 ram

      ATI HD5770

      1 OCZ vertex2 60gb SSD (c:)

      2x WD terabyte 7200rpm


      and my options are:



      c:> Windows7+creative suite+scratch disk



      c:> Windows7+ scratch disk

      d:>Creative suite




      d:>Creative suite

      e:>Scratch disk


      as you have no doubt noticed, 60gb is not suitable for an applications and OS disk, so this is quite a dillema as I am about to go through a short production phase using this old girl and I wanna treat her right!!


      Thank you in advance!