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    Code deployment and sync up issues between managed servers in Clustered enviroment

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      We have been using automated way of tranferring process orchestations between diffrent environment. Essentailly this involves deployment of LCA archives, from a devlopment environment to other test environments. Both the creation of LCAs archives (from source env.) and deployment (at target) is done through ANT scripts. For creation and/or deployment we have been using the soap endpoint like http://<server-address>:<port-num>. Ex. http://10.xx.xx.xx:8001 (address of the adminui of LC server)

      ## ========= Transport independant configuration =================

      ## ========== SOAP configuration ============================###

      After the deployment is completed we invoke the LC Service through a soap-call (from a portal application )
      and this has worked fine always,in an standlone server.The updation of the LC archives involves removal and
      re-deployment of archives from the target env.

      Now that in our test env. is CLUSTERED one, wherein we have one AdminServer and two managed server instances.
      As a practise we have shared appropriate "GDS" folders across 2 servers. The deployment of LCAs archives is done on
      the endpoint pointing to Admin server(i.e DSC_DEFAULT_SOAP_ENDPOINT, as above), and as expected the code presence
      can be found out on both the servers. Now as, we invoke LC service from a external portal application,
      the behavior is intermittent. While sometimes, it gives back a response as expected,in others , it just gives
      an entirely diffrent responses,eventhough the request parameters are exactly same in all the requests.

      So can anyone plz.point out where's the problem creeping in ?