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    The Flash Zoomifyer tool porblem


      I am using the Zoomifyer component for my project. My porblem is that when I publish and test movie locally it displays image perfecly. But when I upload it on website it does not.

      Also another problem that I face is that, this control continuously asking for a 'ImageProperties.xml' file. I do not want to use any xml file so can't I stop it asking for the same??

      The swf file that contains the Zoomifyer is located on 'domain 1' and the picture that I am accessing to display in the Zoomifyer is located on 'domain 2'. I have put a cross-domain policy file on both these domains with entries allowing both of these domains to allow them share assets between each other.

      My client wants a solution of this porblem urgently. Any help in this situation will be much appriciated..


      Sachin Bhatt
      Flash & ActionScript Developer.
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