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    Browser-specific problem with auto-sizing popup links



      I have searched the forums, but couldn't find any info on the precise issue I'm experiencing so I hope I'm not cross-posting.

      I'm using the latest RH8 and producing webhelp output.


      I generate the help with the Contents, Index and Search enabled, when launched from the main .htm file., but, individual pages are very often launched directly from buttons within the product, so that the relevant page is launched for a particular feature/setting.

      This works fine and the "show" option enables the user to access the Contents hierarchy/Search/Index, if required.


      However, if an individual page is launched directly from the product and that page contains any auto-sizing popup links, they will not launch if the browser is either Firefox or Google Chrome (yes I know it's not supported). The user gets a "javascript:void(0);" error in the browser status bar.


      I've tested this in IE (not used by our customers), Safari and Opera and it works fine.


      Is there any way around this, short of trawling through a vast, legacy project and replacing all auto-sizing popups with custom-sized popups, the thought of which fills me with horror...  


      Thanks for any help.




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          feebeegeebee Level 1


          Just an update on this, it doesn't only seem to be auto-sizing popups that are the problem.


          Custom-sized popups also show this problem in Firefox when an individual page is launched (without the Navigation/Search window). However, not in every case, oddly. It "appears" to be smaller-sized poups that have this problem, as some larger custom-sized popups which contain graphics do appear to launch correctly.


          Anyone have any on what the problem may be and how I can get around this?




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            feebeegeebee Level 1

            I never did get any repose to this problem I raised last year.

            However, it's just been raised again by a customer and one of the developers who can't access the info he needs on our product.


            When launching an individual page of the help either as context-sensitive help or just directly by launching that .html file, any popup links do not work in Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. This applies to both auto-sizing popups and custom-sized popups.


            Anyone have any ideas on how I can get around this? 


            (Webhelp output is produced using RH8 with all patches installed.)


            Thanks for any ideas.





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              Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

              Does it always fail on Firefox or just some machines? If the latter, check the version and see if there is something common. Also check add-ons.


              If it is always, is that only true when the help is called from software or does it also fail if you launch the help indepenently?


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