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    DSC Exports


      Hi All,


      I've been creating DSCs in which I set the supports-export element to "true". This is supposed to trigger my DSC to be exported whenever a LiveCycle archive is created (of an application which makes use of my DSC obviously). But somehow this does not work. I can rename the lca to a zip to look into it and my files are never there. Does this functionnality actually work or am i doing something wrong?


      Here's the contents of my component.xml:

      <component xmlns="http://adobe.com/idp/dsc/component/document">
              <service name="Test" orchestrateable="true" title="Test">
                  <auto-deploy major-version="1" minor-version="0" category-id="Test" />
                      <operation name="Test1" method="Test1">
                          <input-parameter name="test" type="int" required="true" title="test">
                          <output-parameter name="output" title="output" type="int">


      As always any help is greatly appreciated!