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    I can't open a HTML file with flash linked

    uaintgotthisid Level 1

      I have Flash CS3.  I have created a flash file.  If I click on the SWF file I have no problems opening it.  It plays.  It looks nice.  I'm the man.


      However, now when I try to publish it, the HTML file will not work.  It says "windows cannot find this file, please ensure you have typed the location correctly".


      I am double clicking directly on the file and not typing anything, in fact I was considering checking on Ebay to see if I could upgrade my PC to have eyes.


      The feature has worked previously, which leads me to the conclusion that something else has changed.  I have tried using the publish setting, I have also tried using Dreamweaver to embed the file, and have also tried manually inserting the necessary code after seeing some on a website.


      All of these things produce the same result, windows cannot (or will not) find the necessary file.


      It's an odd one, and very frustrating, can anyone help me at all?

      Cheers in advance,