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    Radio Station with Stratus/P2P?


      Is it feasible to run an online radio station with RTMFP/Stratus/Flash?  First, how does one get audio from a dj application such as Traktor INTO Flash?  Second, if a peer disconnects, will those listeners connected to it get dropped audio or will it pick another peer?  I'm sure there are other issues, but there's a start.



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          Michael Thornburgh Adobe Employee

          Flash Player can capture/publish audio from any of your computer's input sources via the Microphone class.  and i believe that it's possible to make the audio output of some applications appear as a virtual microphone on Windows computers (but i don't know how -- i'm a Mac/Unix person).


          unfortunately there is a bug where audio-only multicast streams won't play back; there must be at least some kind of video as well (but it could be a tiny frame at like 1 fps and a tiny bitrate to get the job done).  this bug will be fixed in a future release of Flash Player.


          the P2P multicast mesh has a lot of redundancy and, with the default multicast stream parameters, can usually distribute the stream even in the face of significant churn in the mesh (that is, peers arriving and leaving).


          based on your question, i believe that our P2P multicast scheme is more sophisticated than you think it is.  Matthew Kaufman's MAX2009 session covered this in detail; you might enjoy it.    i encourage you to watch the session:




          he talks in detail about multicast starting at 36 minutes and 25 seconds, but the entire session is worth watching.

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            djMaxM Level 1

            starting to make some headway on understanding this.  How would I get a 1 fps 1x1 video stream onto my NetStream?  Do I need a real webcam even though I'm not using it?

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              Michael Thornburgh Adobe Employee

              i believe the "audio only P2P stream doesn't play" bug is fixed in the brand new Flash Player that was *just* released.  listeners will need to get it, but that's not that hard.