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    Dialogue box needs focus

    Ghoulfool Level 1

      I've got script which pops up a dialogue box to ask the user the name of the file. The problem is  I don't know how to add focus to the dialogue box, so as soon as you run the script and type the text goes into the field .


      //dialogue time
      var myDialog = new Window('dialog', 'File name to spew out');
      myDialog.size = {width:300, height:90};
      var myEditText = myDialog.add('edittext');
      myEditText.preferredSize = {width:250, height:20};
      var myNewName = myEditText.text;
      var myGroup = myDialog.add('group');
      myGroup.orientation = 'row';
      var myOkButton = myGroup.add('button', undefined, 'isave', {name:'ok'});
      var myCancelButton = myGroup.add('button', undefined, 'Cancel', {name:'cancel'});
      if (myDialog.show() == 1) {


      var docName = myEditText.text;


      The original script was modified from here