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    Module or sub-applications?


      Hello.  I am new to Flex and need a little advice on which is the best approach to use.  I am creating an application with two main panels, where the content of the right panel is dependent on what you selected in the left panel.  For example, if you select a file in the middle, I want to show file information and controls in the right panel.  If you select a folder in the middle, you see folder information and controls in the right panel. And so on.


      So, the content of the right panel (including the fields I show and the buttons and controls) will be changing.


      But here is the catch.  Because my users want flexibility, there are times when I need to use the same stuff from the right panel inside of a popup.  For example, if they are looking at a folder in the right panel, they may want to popup the File screen for one of the files in that folder.  Make sense?


      So, what is the best approach to take the same chunk of functionality and be able to place it inside the right panel and then later on place it inside of a popup?


      Is a Module the right way?  Is a sub-application?  Please let me know what the best approach would be to dive into.  Thank you!