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    New update = Flash for iPad?

    dezinewiz Level 1

      On here - http://www.adobe.com/support/flash/downloads.html


      it talks about the following -


      Flash Professional CS5 Update 11.0.1

      06/02/2010 This Flash Professional update includes the latest AIR 2.0 support, support for creating full resolution iPad applications, etc...


      Is Apple now accepting content created out of Flash Pro, for distribution through the app store?


      I have called both Adobe and Apple.  Apple was, of course, no help with this.  And, Adobe led me here.


      So, I am a bit frustrated that I have not been able to find my answer.


      Any assistance would be very, very much appreciated!



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          carl schooff Level 3

          adobe most likely is hoping that there will be a number of people jailbreaking their iPads and sideloading air/flash apps.



          currently you can use flash cs5 to create iphone apps and load them on to your iphone BUT Apple states that they will not support these apps in the app store.