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    Cannot find or create the font ·S²Ó©úÂé,Bold.

    Dangergrrrl Level 1

      Full error message "Cannot find or create the font ·S²Ó©úÂé,Bold.  Some characters may not display or print correctly." When I click OK the PDF opens and i just see lots of black dots instead of text.  I don't think its a chinese font because I can copy and paste the "back circles" into word and they paste in as actual  text.  Obviously there is no font "·S²Ó©úÂé,Bold" So i can't search for a replacement font and download it.


      I can open it in Google Documents and it reads just fine.  I just cannot get it to open right in Adobe.


      I started with my version of Adobe Professional 7.0.


      I researched a bit and heard that later adobe reader versions have better font help.  So have now installed the latest Adobe Reader AND installed the language pack for that version and still all I see are lots of black circles instead of letters.


      Anyone have any ideas?