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    Generated style changed

      I am using RoboHTML 5x to create WebHelp. I have a style that includes borders on the top and bottom of the paragraph. When I created the style, I set the line style to solid, 1px. This is how most of the generated topics interpret this style. However, some of the topics generate with a 4px setting. When I have the cursor in the paragraph, the toolbar shows, Solid line, 1px. However, when I go to Format ~ Styles ~ Modify ~ Format ~ Borders and Shading and click on the Borders tab, the Styles value selected is none and the Width value is grayed out and set to 4px. Once I manually change this to Solid, 1px, the topic generates as it is suppose to.

      What is going on here and how can I correct this without having to manually go into each of the topics. Not all of the topics have this problem.
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          Styles in an external style sheet are SUPERCEDED by...
          Styles in the topic's HEAD section, which are SUPERCEDED by...
          Specific styles in the BODY section.

          Unfortunately, there's no way but to manually fix whatever is wrong at the topic level. Once you've fixed them, however, you shouldn't have to do it again. Unless...

          Good luck,