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    Flex Button Color Change Question


      I have a "calculator" of sorts that I designed, someone else help build, and now I have to make a few tweaks. My Flex/AS3 capabilities are somewhat limited, but I had a question (hopefully that's easy to answer).


      The link below goes to the calculator and I have View Source enabled. I want to know how I might be able to make a button's text color change when another number hits a certain mark. I tried the setStyle but couldn't get it to work (I think it may have been a product of my function writing skills). Anyways I would love if when the value of the variable higherEducationBudget (I believe this is the variable name I want --whichever controls the value of the higher ed number) is greater than or equal to 11780000000 then the text of the button (id "goal1") changes color from white to orange.




      I've tried to use the debugger but every time it makes Safari crash. Any help is greatly appreciated!