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    componet video plays to cue point - navigateToURL (AS3)


      I'm very new to AS3 and have not really worked much since AS1 and a little with AS2.


      I have a video that I set a cue point named "getURL". It was imported into flash as Load enternal video with playback componet. The instance name for that video is "gunny".The code written is suppose to detect that cue point then forward to another html document. The video runs fine but never forwards to another web page. Anybody help? Thx


      import fl.video.MetadataEvent;


      gunny.addEventListener(MetadataEvent.CUE_POINT, fl_CuePointHandler_2);


      function fl_CuePointHandler_2(event:MetadataEvent):void
           navigateToURL(new URLRequest("http://www.choicegraphx.com"));