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    Importing images makes them blurry and jaggy


      Yes I have seen other posts on this. They were helpful and I progressed, but imported images still aren't right. I'm sure there must be just one small thing I'm doing wrong. Please help!


      I imported DV NTSC footage (720x480, 0.9091 PAR). I have screenshots from Powerpoint slides that I want to overlay.


      In Premiere they are blurry and jaggy. As you can see the original footage is fine, but when it's dropped in a sequence it's bad:



      The interpretation seems to be okay:



      I've created it correctly in Photoshop.You can see below that the file is 720x480px and I have the DV PAR set:



      My output is for computer screens so when I export from DV to H.264 I select Field Order: None. But I noticed that if I export with Field Order: Lower the screenshot/image looks good. However the rest of my DV footage looks interlaced, so I need Field Order set to none.



      Any suggestions on what I might be doing wrong? It shouldn't be this hard to get sharp looking images into Premiere!