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    Import Sorenson mp4 files into FC?


      I have a problem importing mp4 files into FC.  Perhaps someone could help.


      FC's stated acceptable video files are .flv and .f4v. 


      I use Sorrenson Squeeze 6 (Flash Version) for compressing video.  Squeeze does not output to .f4v directly.  When I posted to the Sorenson forum regarding this lack of .f4v encoding (i think earlier versions of Squeeze use to export to .f4v), there was a reply that an mp4 file utilizing .aac audio would be importable to Flash. 


      However, when I attempted to import Sorenson encoded mp4 files, FC did not even recognize the files in the directory. Interestingly, Sorenson has a whole collection of mp4 presets which are entitled Fhash 9+.presets.


      Does FC have a different range of acceptable formats than other programs in the Flash family?


      Has anyone had expereince with this issue?  Any suggested workarounds?  I have already tried to rename the Sorenson file with the .f4v extension, but that did not seem to work.


      Thanks sincerely for your suggestions.


      Jeff in Palmetto, FL