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    M2t (mpeg2 layer2 audio) Out Of Sync audio after upgrade to cs5

    Octobit1970 Level 1

      Hi Everyone,

      We use JVC GYHD201 Cameras daily - they produce MPEG T/S files that worked fine in CS4.


      I am running win 7 Ultimate 64 on an intel Skulltrail MB w 16 gig of ram, 2 x 9775 quad core processors and a ati 4870x2 video card with 2 gigs of ram.


      Here is the chain of events,

      Lots of projects in cs4, no transcoding files work straight from the camera's DVR. (720p30)

      I decide to CS5

      I deactivate CS4 Install CS5 - CS5 trial works with all my projects and reads the now offending m2t files fine, works great.

      I open AE CS4, - I get sorry to interrupt but enter a serial number or go to trial mode. I select trial mode.

      Now, CS5 can no longer import the files.

      I read about needing a full license for many formats, considering cs5 a nice upgrade, fork out the dough.

      After entering serial numbers and restarting files import fine, BUT sound is out of sync by a 1-2 seconds and expotentially as the video plays out.

      Files play fine in vlc, media player etc.

      Codec Sniper shows all /cs4/mainconcept codecs as broken

      I deinstall CS4/ CS5 and reinstall cs5 only, Same problem

      I deinstall cs5, delete every folder with adobe on it in /user/ and prog files reinstall, same problem (cs4 installation fix)

      I deinstall, delete all folders and create a new user install to that user, same problem (cs4 installation fix)

      Reinstall quicktime ,...

      I buy the Mainconcept mpeg2 64bit codec pack, same problem


      Converting the video to MONO fixes the out of sync. -go figure.


      Unfortunate, our operators are too lazy to shut off the second mic so quite often I have to copy left or right channel. Also, I have many left right recordings with 2 mics, this is not a solution I can live with. (Kudos to Mr. Jolly of Adobe video tech support in India for the Mono fix)


      These same files open fine in a machine that has cs4 and cs5 installed on it,

      want to get into transcoding to fix it, does anyone know who to force the adobe splitter to use the mainconcpt codecs I just bought or to force the use of whatever codecs are supposed to be included in cs5?



      Any ideas would be appreciated.this has gone on for 3-4 days now and I am quickly falling behind on the work flow.