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    Tiff Viewer which disables print, copy and save TIFF file

    Sapna V

      I am looking TIFF Viewer solution which woul disable any print, save and copy functions for a TIFF file. Thisfunctionality is available for PDF but I need to disable print, copy and save for TIFF files.


      Would anyone know a TIFF viewer or solution that supports the following functions:


      1)      TIFF viewer where we can turn off any options to print the TIFF file or save it to disk.  That would include disabling any options where the user could right click on the TIFF and save the file somewhere else.

      2)      It would need to be able to open multi-page TIFFs. 

      3)      It would be nice if the TIFF viewer could be run on both Mac and Windows platforms.



      I need to send files to users for view only, and these should be in TIFF fomat, not converted into a PDF.


      Thank you for your help.