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    AS2 Help with loading site, and playing video


      Hey guys.  Perhaps my question is better asked in this section...


      I am trying to make a simple flash intro in CS5 using AS2.  I have my document set up in 3 layers, and AS layer, a .jpeg image overlay, and then a video on the bottom layer.  I imported the video to the library and even though it shows my video on the stage, i see it made a flvplayback component for it in the library.  So Im assuming that what it is using to play the video.  I set it up to not embed the video and to load it externally from the server. 


      So my timeline setup is:


      TOP LAYER: Empty AS layer

      MIDDLE LAYER: Overlay image

      BOTTOM LAYER: Imported video (via flvplayback component)


      Each layer only uses 1 frame in the timeline if that matters.  I dont know what AS2 codes to put in to make the video play, and then when it ends load my website.  Aside from not being able how to make it load my website, i also discovered another problem.  Locally it works fine.  However when i put it up on the server, the flv video doesn't play in the SWF.  I made sure both files (the .swf and .flv video) were in my root on the server but it wont play.  It shows the overlay though.  I used fiddler to see what files were being used when the website was accessed, and it doesn't even look for the .flv video.  It only calls up the swf which leads me to think im clearly doing many things wrong with the flash .fla file.  Could this be b/c i dont have AS telling the video to start or stop?  I never knew such a simple thing in flash could be so complicated.  lol


      In anycase if you could help with my old issue or new one id really appreciate it.